Hiking video tips from Paarl Rock Hike - Video Step by Step Guides

Hiking video tips from the
Paarl Rock Hike Video.

Travelvids was invited to join a group of hikers to explore Paarl Rock and the surrounding regions. On this day it was pouring with rain but that didn't stop us from having fun. We want to share some tips with you regarding making hiking videos.

Change the perspective!

It's all too common that people who go out and film hiking videos tend to only have two types of shots. The selfie and the POV.

If you really want to give your video some feel good dynamic you have to mix it up and throw in some extra shots. Get other people to take the shot of you talking so that there is a wider view of the background.

Or place the camera down up ahead and run back for some walk by shots. 

Don't miss the close ups!

In our Online Course we cover this aspect in great detail. Close Up shots are incredibly important and you should fill in as many as you can. It will up your video's look and feel big time.

This is especially important if you are only using a mobile phone as you will have the ingredients to wow the viewers without the need of a drone and other expensive gear.

Learn how to put it all together in our Online Course. We will show you how to capture

awesome looking Travelvids using only your mobile phone.

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