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Create Original Exciting Videos in No Time, Regardless of Your Skill Level!

Say goodbye to videos you're hesitant to share! 

Our easy-to-follow-method empowers you to create content 
you're excited to showcase to the world.

Creating videos can be incredibly challenging. You start with a brilliant idea you're eager to share with the world, but as you begin filming, that initial vision fades. 

You can't quite get the shots right!

Then, editing is another hurdle. Many of you might give up early on because the video you're crafting doesn't align with your imagination.

Not even close.

Producing a basic video is already tough, so creating highly engaging content may seem nearly impossible for you.

Additionally, you may think you need expensive equipment and a host of skills like cinematography and colour grading to make a video that looks impressive. Well..... not true.

You know what you want, but you don't have ... 

  •  The TIME to be making videos
  • The PATIENCE to learn the skills
  • The TALENT to film your visions
  •  The GEAR to make videos look amazing 
  •  The ABILITY to make awesome edits
  • The BUDGET to outsource professionals

The "traditional creator's journey" takes a long time... 

Some of you have may already have started on this journey. You purchased a camera or downloaded some editing software, but a lack of guidance and/or bad results left you frustrated and now dust is collecting on your gear.

Have you spend hours online watching tutorials, only to wonder why learning about 60FPS is not helping you capture better videos?

If this sounds like you, don't worry, you'll soon be dusting it off and putting it to good use. And if you haven't bought any gear yet, that is great too, cause you don't need it!

Good video-makers focus on their skills, not their gear. 

Learning how to make a good video is all about building skills, but to what extent and depth you need to go to make a video good, is debatable.

The journey to become an established video creator traditionally goes one of these two ways.

The long & lonely road

You figure it out yourself. Bit by bit, you piece it together over time. You sift through hours of tutorials. You keep practicing until you get good, over years.  (The way I did it.)

The scholars approach

In an attempt to fast-track the process you take a course that "teaches you video". The jargon and lessons are total overkill. You end up on a path to becoming a filmmaker, which was not the goal. 

The truth is, The Long & Lonely Road as well as The Scholars Approach are ineffective methods for your needs.

They won't deliver the results you're aiming for. 

I assume you're NOT aiming to create Hollywood blockbusters.

Your goal is likely to produce captivating videos that look great. What you truly require is a straightforward, dependable approach customised to your specific needs, essentially, a "non-traditional" method.

The "non-traditional creator's journey" is fast & easy

What you need is someone who is willing to break the rules of filmmaking

Learn only what you need to know and get the best possible results in the fastest way

Making video content does not have to be about filmmaking.

By breaking traditional filmmaking rules, we unlock an opportunity for practical, fast and fun learning. 

To demonstrate what I mean, shall we start breaking the rules right now?

I'm game.

Lesson: The only 3 shots you'll ever need

Shots are the building blocks of a video. Every time you hit record you are creating a shot.

The lens and distance between the camera and subject will determine what type of shot you are filming. 

You can be filming close to the subject, or far away.

A Closer Shot 

A Far Away Shot 

Traditional video tutors will teach you a long list of shot types names. There are plenty big fancy industry terms like an Establishing Wide or a Mid 2-Shot.

Then there are multiple compositions and "motivating reasons" when and why to use all the different shots. 

Let's forget about all of that.

To make an engaging video, there are only 3 shots you will ever need.

1. The Location Shot

Where is your story taking place? Locations are a vital component of any story.

Everything has to take place somewhere. You want to show your viewers WHERE that is. 

WHERE is this happening?

At a glance you can tell this is at the beach.

Job done. ✅

The subjects (the penguins in this case) ARE NOT what's important here, even if they are the reason why you came to the beach.

We don't need to see what they look like or what they are doing. All that matters in this shot is the WHERE WE ARE.

This is The Location Shot.

Get as wide (far away as possible) and show as much of the location as you can. 

On to the next one.

2. The Action Shot

The next important aspect of a story is WHAT is happening here?

By physically moving the camera closer to "the reason" you are making this video, you are showing your viewers the subject in action.

WHAT is happening?

The penguins are interacting with each other. The subjects (still the penguins) ARE what's important here. We want to see what they are doing. It's all about their actions.

Are they eating, swimming, nesting, fighting, playing, mating, calling?

What are they doing? What is happening here?

The answer is in the Action Shot.

So we have the location, and the action. One more....

3. The Detail Shots

The third and final shot type are to capture the details. Film the specifics of both the Location and the Actions.

Get as close as you can, either by moving in physically or using tele-lenses to see the details and textures.


The viewer already knows where and what is happening. The story is set, now we can give our viewers a visual treat.  

Detail shots give your video life and keep people engaged. You can never have enough details. They are awesome.

These can be faces, sign posts, hands, objects, plants, decor.... you name it! 


With these three shot types you are armed with the first of many powerful tools to make engaging videos.

It's all about the story

That was really easy to understand, right?

My goal with this lesson was to demonstrate two things

One, the importance of changing "film-talk" into practical applications that are easy to understand.  ✅

And two, the power of visual storytelling. ✅

You can hold someones attention, just by knowing a handful of basic tricks. You DO NOT need to know all the the rules and processes of content creation to be good at making videos that capture attention.

You just need to know how to tell a visual story

This is an Action Shot: "I am talking." 

From my 15-year "traditional creator's journey", I handpicked the best lessons and transformed them into a video creation recipe that has had absolute beginners making engaging videos within hours.

The goal for you is to tell an authentic story in which the filming is fun and the editing is easy. But for most people, 90% of their video-creation-time is spent editing. This is why the fun gets sucked out of the process. This is why it becomes "difficult". 

And this is exactly what we are going to avoid.

The goal is to film in a way that makes editing a quick and effortless process.

Want another lesson to demonstrate how this looks in practical "non-film-school-terms"?

Let's do it...   

Lesson: Filming Short Clips

Another core lesson is filming short clips. This important tip will save you time while filming, but more importantly save you hours during the editing process.

Filming short clips, in combination with a series of 4 other unique techniques,
is a video creation process we call Effortless Editing.

We have developed a 90 minute course where 90% of the lessons are about filming so that editing stays easy. 

Introducing Effortless Editing

Make videos that look great, without any previous video-creation experience.

A Video Course that cuts out all the complicated stuff. Simplify the filming process to make editing easy. Learn the best methods of visual storytelling by creating engaging videos in the shortest amount of time possible.

There is no need to purchase expensive gear, as you can learn all the skills of video creation with just your smartphone. Save time and money and start creating your own video content today.

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up

When you sign up you will get instant access to our online course. There are 50 video lessons that cover what you need to know to create your first engaging video. These core lessons amount to a total of only 90 minutes of watch time.

They are short and to the point. NO FLUFF.

There are additional bonus lessons (over & above the first 90 minutes), plus a whole bunch of extra features like direct engagement with me, your instructor, for ongoing support and learning. 

Edit Videos On The go
Edit a video in under 15 minutes

Learn our 7-Step Editing Process to put together an edit in under 15 minutes, any time, any place.

Use our step-by-step editing tutorials for Smartphones & computers. Regardless of which Editing App or platform you want to use, you can follow the same process.

Make A video on day 1

You can go through the fundamental lessons in a single sitting. Then go out and practice what you learnt on the same day. Rapid implementation is key here. Then return and recap on the main lessons any time.

Once you get the hang of the basics, you can carry on learning with our bonus lessons. The course has way more than 90 minutes worth of content. 


We will teach you to capture an experience and turn it into a story.

Capture your memories in a way that it doesn't distract from your experience. The real memory is being there, not the video! 

This is a great way to share experiences with relatives and friends. (Without boring them to death!)

Open the doors to vlogging & digital marketing. You can significantly reduce your marketing costs while driving up sales with your own experience videos.

About Your Instructor, Dean Paarman

Dean has accumulated extensive experience in various aspects of video creation over the past 15 years. He initially began working on video projects as a hobby, crafting short films using his old Nokia phone in the early 2000s, well before the smartphone revolution. This passion eventually led to a role as an editor at a production company.

In the early 2010s, during the YouTube boom, Dean ventured into the realm of online media, delving into vlogging, digital marketing, and DIY content creation.

Corporate Videos, Cape Town - 2010

Documentary Film, Kenya - 2019

In 2016, Dean, along with Darren Barker, co-founded Travelvids. Together, they began instructing video creation and online marketing through workshops. These workshops achieved remarkable success and laid the groundwork for this online course.

Dean is an exceptionally enthusiastic and empathetic educator. He excels at simplifying complex concepts into practical applications by demonstrating rather than just explaining. His perpetual optimism and pleasant demeanor make working with him a true delight. You'll undoubtedly enjoy your collaboration with Dean.

What people say about Dean

Matt Lerman


"The teacher is great.
Happy, focused yet not forceful."

The teacher is great. Happy, focused yet not forceful. The course was much better that I thought. I was pleasantly surprised  how you are disclosing phenomenal beginner & intermediate tips !! 

From what I already saw in short few mins of the course, I learned I'm actually on the right track and feeling more and more confident  that I will be able to actually tell my story with my personal touch. Muy bien, gracias mi amigo.

Esther Beaton

Nature photojournalist

"The other highlight was Dean's demonstration"

Truly exemplary course. It's helpful to have a specific application or real-world example. I found I could easily carry over the lessons from a travel focus and see how I could apply them in other story types. The highlight lesson was the one which included templates. The other highlight was Dean's demonstration of editing a video in 10 minutes. Finally, he encouraged us to finish our video/s before the end of the day, otherwise we might never get around to it. So true!

Coleen van Staden

Destination Marketing 

"Dean did not presume any prior knowledge"

I did this course and really enjoyed the experience. Being of an older generation concerned me, but Dean did not presume any prior knowledge so started from scratch and gave us some really great tips - how to set up shot lists, how to shoot to limit editing and some good "go-to" sites to assist with editing and music.
I can highly recommend this course for a great intro to creating fun and informative travel videos with your phone.

Course Modules

This is EXACTLY what is in the course


Chapter 1: Learn HOW To Film

It doesn't matter if you are using a Smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, etc), a DSLR, a Point&Shoot, a HandyCam or GoPro. Chapter 1 will teach you the principals of how to shoot great video clips. There are 7 Modules covering the following topics:

1. Introduction.          4 x Lessons
Getting prepared, gear & accessories.

2. Film Short Clips.    4 x Lessons
Improve your filming techniques.

3. All About Shots    8 x Lessons
The building blocks of a great video.

4. Composition.         7 x Lessons
Improve the look of your clips.

5. Stability.              2 x Lessons
Stable shots even without a tripod.

6. Basic Lighting.  4 x Lessons
Core principals of using natural light.

7. Sound. 3 x Lessons
Get sound quality to match your video images.

By the end of this chapter you will be proficient at capturing all the elements of a story.

You will know how to get what you see in-front of you translated into good looking video footage for someone else to watch. 


Chapter 2: Learn WHAT to film

A very big part of making a video, that most people neglect to appreciate, is deciding what to film. Which shots are best going to relate to the audience and evoke an emotional response? Video is essentially just a story telling method. Let us help you understand how to capture the stories you want to tell. There are 3 Modules.

The Engagement Factor. 4 x Lessons
Knowing what makes a video engaging. 

Building a Shot List. 3 x Lessons
Understanding what shots you need to get.

By the end of Chapter 2 you will be armed with a powerful combination, knowing WHAT story you want to tell, and exactly HOW you going to get it captured.

You will be able to tell a visual story. All that's left is to edit the pieces together.


Chapter 3: Learn HOW to Edit

We go through the a simple editing process called the 7 Step Editing Process and apply it to a series of different apps and programs. Learn to edit fast. There are 3 Modules.

The Concept of Editing.  6 x Lessons
Demonstrate the editing process.

Find your App. Select or Request an App demo. (Recommendations included)

By the end of this chapter we hope to have removed the fear of editing and given you the confidence to pick up any editing app and know exactly what you are doing. 

This is also where we provide the most ongoing support as Apps and programs are constantly changing. Feel at ease, we got your back. (Plus AI is making it easier than ever!)

Video Overview of all the Modules in the Course. 

The walk-through is hosted by your instructor, Dean.

Although it's called Effortless Editing
The bulk of this course is about filming

The truth is, for beginners filming is more fun than editing. And good filming makes for easy and fun editing. The Effortless Editing course is how we make the process of video-creation fun & effective. 

Course Content

Filming Lessons

Course Content

Story Lessons

Course Content

Editing Lessons

New Content & Updated Lessons

We have made the course as timeless as possible, but he world of video is fast-paced and always heading in a new direction.

For example, in 2020 we completely renewed our Splice Editing App Tutorials
as the developers changed the app layout.  

We will do our best to always keep the course information relevant and up-to-date. 
You have access for life... so that means value for life.  

In 2023, I'm busy working on new editing app tutorials, and a new gear list.

Downloadable PDFs

At the end of every Module there is a Downloadable PDF with the Core Lessons of the Module efficiently summarised. This includes images and key points you will want to remember.

You can print these sheets out and keep the Effortless Editing Manual on you in person.

Desktop Editing Platforms

In 2021 we have started to add on Bonus Lesson about moving up to editing on Desktop Editing Programs like iMovie for Mac & Davinci Resolve 16 for Mac & PC. 

Both are highly effective FREE editing programs for more complicated and professional edits.

Access for Life

You will have access to the course material for life. Even if the price goes up & we add in more content, once you have access to the course, you will always have access.

Call with Dean is an optional upgrade that give you 1-1 access with the instructor to problem solve your exact needs. 

What makes Effortless Editing different?

We've previously emphasised our departure from conventional video teaching methods, but we might not have fully conveyed how far we've taken this.

With 15 years of video production experience, we have distilled the video-creation process down to a series of Personalised Trade Secrets. We developed them into original lessons and laid them in a logical sequence which we are now sharing with you.  

No other video course will teach you this...

If you see these methods in another course, please let us know, because they have certainly copied us. These are 100% original video teaching concepts that we are extremely proud of. Not just because they are unique, but because have proven extremely effective with our students.


The 124 Ratio - Our Secret Recipe!

After analysing years worth of his best work, Dean noticed a pattern in his videos. He then looked at other successful videos and movies and saw the pattern again and again and again.  The 124 Ratio is a specific combination of shots you need, to perfectly film a scene that captures a visual story. It significantly reduces the time it takes to film a complete scene. Once you see it, you can never un-see it again. 



Micro stories are shot combinations that have a deeper purpose. When you link two specific types of shots together you get to tell the viewer something more. Use these combos to get effective at telling a story without having to spell everything out or use words. Add subtlety and finesse to your  videos with Microstories.


CApture Your Experience

This course focusses on "capturing your experience". When you are able to do this effectively you attain the power to tell any story. Everything we do as humans is related to our experience. The places we go, the people we spend time with and the products we buy are part of our experience. If you can create an engaging video about an experience, you can make a video about anything.


The Engagement Factor - "tTC"

Nothing makes a video more engaging than an empathetic narrative. What makes a video great is the emotional response you evoke from your audience. There are a few factors to make this happen, but nothing more than the use of "people". Ever seen a good movie without actors? Does not exist. In this course you will learn how to to include "people" in your videos. Regardless if you want to be in the video yourself or not. We cover all the angles like talking to camera and the informal interview of other people.

Effortless Editing really works...

I learned a lot of really useful skills that I can use immediately.

This was one of those experiences that completely under-promises and over-delivers. I was particularly impressed at how tight you kept the presentation, rarely wandering off the thread and always on point. Everything you covered was useful and relevant. 

Jacqui Goodwin

Travel Organisation

I made my first Marketing Video, All by Myself 

The energy from the Travelvids guys is enough to enthuse anyone to grab the opportunity to start shooting your first video clips.

Surely an opportunity you don't want to miss-out.

Kirstein Combrink

Guest House Owner

The way the course is constructed is incredibly smart

One of the best internet courses I have seen...It is amazingly succinct and yet incredibly useful...it is unbelievably well designed and built...in the first 5 minutes of the course I had learned exactly what I was looking to learn in order to put together amazing travel videos...! 

Javier Valencia

Travel Enthusiast

A Video Course unlike any other


We are thrilled to inform you this course was filmed in iconic locations in Cape Town, South Africa.

Why is this important? For two reasons...

ONE - Proof is in the Pudding 

Effortless Editing demonstrates how we create videos on the go. Travelvids has produced over 350 videos (for our YouTube channel) as well as loads of content for clients. The same method that is taught in this course has been used to create:

  • Travel or Vlog Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Sales Videos
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Course Videos

TWO - It's Edutainment

Edutainment is educational-entertainment. If we expect you to sit through at least 90minutes of learning content, it might as well be something nice to look at. We picked some really beautiful locations to use as our class room. 

We don't just show you how we film something, we show you the end result too. 

A Once-Off Price for a Skill for Life 
You'll Be Able To Make Videos Forever

You'll never have to pay someone else to make video content for you. (Unless it's a Hollywood film!)

Having a skill like this can save you thousands of dollars over a life-time.

Improve your marketing, capture your memories and become a skilled video creator.




  • Immediate Start
  • Lifetime Access to Course Content
  • Everything as advertised on this page or money back guarantee!


money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

When you enroll, if for whatever reason you don’t feel like this was the best investment you’ve made when it comes to turning your video creation into a high-converting machine, simply email Dean at video@travelvids.tv for a 1-on-1 lesson.
Let's see if we can add the value you were looking for. If still not happy we’ll gladly refund your entire investment. 

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Amazing course! I am looking forward to the next one!

Thais Rodrigues

Very easy to follow, and the instructor was very engaging.

Michael Flake

Informative, well explained - well worth the time!

Michiel Adriaan Jordaan

Well organised, fun to watch, great information

Glenn Gadaza

Learn the skill. Join 900+ Students.

Spend 90 mins on Effortless Editing & start making videos that are worth watching.

The lessons are interesting, informative, creative and professional. Loved it!

Lucy Piette

Amazing course!! Cant wait to go out and make my vids! Thank you

Jenna Morris

Clear, easy to understand micro-lessons presented with examples and no wasted time.

Gwen Andersen

Good usable information. Helped in my thoughts about planning my editing and content capture.

Dan Varvar


Who is this course for?

This course is for people who want to learn make videos.
Not just any videos, but good looking, engaging videos that have a story.

This is for people that want to learn the most important lessons only, in the shortest amount of time possible using the easiest system possible. This is a beginner to intermediate course, meaning you start as a complete beginner and end as an intermediate.

All that is stopping you from becoming a PRO is practice. If you just apply what you learn in this course you will become a very proficient filmmaker, digital video marketer, travel video expert and/or vlogger.

Who is this course NOT for?

This course is NOT for anyone that wants to learn the traditional art of filmmaking and videography. We have hacked and slashed the film terminology.

Do not think you are joining a film school here. This is more like a "trade school" where you learn the skills to make a video fast. If you are planning to become a professional in the film industry you might want to take a more conventional approach.

This course is for the everyday person that wants to be able to make videos to capture and share life experiences like birthdays and travel or make simple marketing videos to grow their business. 

What do I need to get started? (Why a Smartphone, can I use other gear?)

At the very least you need a camera and "computer" to edit on. Any camera that can record videos will do for now.


We have focused this beginner course on using a Smartphone, because its an All-In-One video production kit. If you have nothing other than a phone with a camera, you are set to go.

You are of course able to apply all the lessons to other cameras and even upgrade to editing on a desktop or laptop computer.

What kind of videos can I make after taking this course?

The methods in this course have been used to create all sorts of videos. Of course you will need to practice to become proficient in all types of video, but the lessons are comprehensive enough to cover all of these:

  • Online Course Lesson Videos
  • Interviews Videos (Documentary)
  • Pod Cast Videos
  • Brand Marketing Videos
  • YouTube Vlogs
  • Product Awareness Videos
  • Hospitality Videos
  • Vacation, Holiday or Family Videos
  • Travel Videos
  • Birthday Videos
  • Wedding Videos
  • Special Occasions Videos
  • Amazon Review Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Cooking Videos
  • YouTube Review Videos
  • Prank Videos
  • Instagram Videos
  • Facebook Videos
  • Hit & Yoga Videos
  • Interview Videos
  • Sales Lead Videos
  • How to Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Adverts

Last Words from your Instructor

Effortless Editing is my pride and joy. I am deeply passionate about teaching video creation.

The best thing possible is when I see my students create videos they are proud of. No better testament than to see them share their videos publicly!