Smartphone editing in less than *2 hours we teach you video the Pain Free Way.

Save Hours, & Improve Your Video Editing Skills
with Effortless Video Editing Techniques

It’s everything you need to quickly master creating Videos on Your Smartphone. 

Let me ask you something…

If there was a simple way to edit a video on your smartphone so quickly that your friends begged you to do it for them, would you be interested?

What if you knew there is a way you could edit a video in a few minutes (not hours) … would you find the task less daunting?

My name is Dean Paarman, and here’s something few people know…

You can edit a video on your Phone, 10x better and faster than you can imagine, by just following a simple process.

If you have...

  • never edited a video in your life
  • already tried to edit a video and given up
  • made a video and were too embarrassed to share it
  • cant find an app that is easy to use
  • disheartened by the time consuming process

... then listen up!

It is possible for you to create videos that are so good others might accuse you of having outsourced your editing to a professional. 

You don’t need a 3 year degree in filmmaking, a PhD in computer science or any expensive training at all. Hell, you don't even need a fancy DSLR camera.

And I’m going to prove it to you.

How to make good videos faster

The process we found is simple, and turned out to be even faster than we thought it could be.

By learning how to edit videos with a new system, our Youtube portfolio took a quantum leap forward. We have over 400 videos & vlogs on our YouTube channel and done 100’s more for our clients.

I started to study many of my best videos from over the years.
Why did some videos become crowd favorites and other sat without views?
Well, I found patterns.
There was something that made some video more engaging than others and this is what I want to share with you.

Of all of the things I found, nothing stood out more than the structure of the video.
It's so damn simple.
The videos that were edited in a simple repeatable structure out-performed all the others. Why is this you might wonder?

Because humans love a good story. They will pick a real story over a beautiful cinematic video clip every time. Ever noticed how many viral videos are unedited clips of great moments? How many of those short stories of a miracle moment or underdog have 100 million views when the beautiful cinematic drone/time lapse sequence only had 400k views.

Now scale those numbers down to normality.

Would you not want to make a video that gets 1000s of views rather than only 10 views? (which are from your immediate friends and family)

"Making an emotive story" is very likely not what you think it is. It's way easier than you imagine. All you need to make a story is the right recipe for your edit. You can make a story out of a handful of clips and photos.

This sparked the idea of creating editing templates. Templates that were molded off our most successful videos. Templates that are easy to follow.


I hate the word templates!

Because templates means generic stupid same-same looking videos.  A template is designed to give you results that looks the same. I didn't want that. I wanted a unique video each time.

So instead, we call them: recipes

When different people follow a recipe in the kitchen, the chances of the end-result coming out differently are super high.
Why do my mother’s brownies taste different to my grandmothers, when they use the same recipe?

Because they each add in their own touch. Different ovens? One might use more butter - the other more sugar.
Who knows? I make video recipes, not food recipes. 

Enter content creation

With the increased demand for video-media on the ever-expanding internet, it was clear there is a supply and demand problem here.
More and more people need/want video now.
And what's more, Social Media changed the landscape so that people want real videos now.

When smartphones started implementing better cameras, an opportunity arose. Side story: I made my first short film (it's terrible, but funny) in 2008 with an old Nokia.
It was the first phone I owned with a camera. 

People want real stories by real people.

As started to develop, Darren & I decided to build a successful interactive video workshop to help businesses & everyday people become content creators.

I started helping businesses understand their potential of creating their own marketing content without the price tag of a production company.

I started helping people turn their clogged up phone albums into videos stored on Youtube and Facebook for their family and friends to enjoy. 

None of the people I helped needed to go through what I went through. None of them had to become professional editors to make videos others wanted to watch. They just followed my basic step by step instructions. 

We took everything we learned from our workshop and courses (and everything I’ve learned in the years since then) to transform our courses and products into what they are today.

I started out playing with all the wrong tools. I almost gave up the pursuit of making videos entirely, but I don't want you to go through what I had to learn.

Instead learn from what I learnt and you will be able to make video content in a single afternoon. 

Edit an entire video in 15 minutes.

To start out, the first thing you want to do is group up all the clips you are going to need for your edit. Doesn't matter whether it’s on a computer or a Smartphone, just round em up and save the clips to a single folder or album.
If you have a really big project then sub group them again into subfolders if you can.

Now all you need to do is find and apply the right recipe to create the video. 

This might sound complicated, but all our students repeatedly tell us that I have a gift for making complicated concepts easy to understand and simple to use…

I share my knowledge in a way that even a non-techie, “filming & editing beginner” can grasp immediately.
No film school stuff from me.
In fact sometimes I go completely against the rules to get results faster.

Before you even open up the editing app you should already know the fastest and most effective way to edit your video.
You have your recipes ready thanks to us, and now all you need to do is click a new project.
You open the editing app without a single worry about the multitude of video clips that are waiting for you.
Making the initial selection of your favorite moment feels almost automatic now that you know a couple of little tricks.
You open the app, and import the video clips album / folder.

Amazing course! I am looking forward to the next one!

Thais Rodrigues

Very easy to follow, and the instructor was very engaging.

Michael Flake

Very Interesting. I can already see how my videos can improve.

Sunel Craythorne

Informative, well explained - well worth the time!

Michiel Adriaan Jordaan

Not even finished the course, but already learnt so much!

Annette Vivian

Take two minutes to map out your timeline and make a bunch of the quick adjustments that will give your video the correct structure.

Since Version 1 of our course was released 36 months ago, 1000s of students have used this course to transform their video editing.

We update the course content regularly, but in March - April 2020, we took the opportunity to add more recipes, after listening to what our students wanted from us (and widely expanded) the entire training.

Regardless of whether you are new to video creation,  ‘Effortless Editing’ covers it all.

The result is the most thorough, and up-to-date editing training you can find on the internet. It shows you how to edit without being a pro and without burning hours away at a screen.

(This is a free upgrade for all current ‘Effortless Editing on Your iPhone' customers, and covers all the latest features and techniques).

In this course, I walk you through my video editing process step by step so you become a master in editing. I share the skills that save me time and earn me praise.

Effortless Editing on Your Smartphone shows you how to find the hidden details in your video and bring them to life.

Take five minutes to apply the correct trimming to match the music.

Another three minutes to make the final adjustments to the different clips like transitions colour grade and sound FX to make your video truly striking.

When you’re done, you are ready to export your video.

Share something you are proud of

Post a video to your socials with so much “pop” and vibrancy, your friends will be asking you to help them make their own videos for them. 

You’re now allowed to feel excited & proud. You’re finally able to complete the task you've been putting off for so long.
You are able to show off professionally processed videos.
You can share them across every social media platform you use, and not feel embarrassed.

Our editing process is to help you speed up your workflow. After learning this you will feel confident that…

  • you can spend less time editing and more time shooting.
  • you always have 100% of the shots you need and no more.

The Skills you are going to learn...

  • Faster Video Editing 
    The exact workflow we use to make our edits as fast as possible. Step by step tutorials.
  • Fix Sound Issues
    Learn how to adjust edit and fix sound problems in your video in a just few clicks. 
  • Create video Slideshows      
    Learn how to add music, a story and effects to your picture slideshows. Master Ken Burns effect.
  • Edit to Music 
    Editing to the rhythm of music makes your videos way more exciting to watch.

    Free music.
  • Video fade in & Fade out
    The do’s and don’ts of fading, music & transitions.
  • Which app to use
    Choose from our two recommended apps. Free or paid?
    Understand why which one is best for you.
  • Trimming clips like a pro
    How to use a ‘surgeon’s scalpel’ to remove tiny unwanted parts of your video clips.
  • Video format and cropping
    Choosing the correct format like portrait or landscape for different platforms and applying video cropping tips. 

  • Video Types

    Marketing, Birthday, Holiday, Real Estate, Vlogging, Interviews, Events, Travel, Cooking, Business, Marketing, Product Sales, Wedding, Special Occasions, Lead generation, Online course creation and many more...
  • Neater Video Editing
    Create your videos using our recipes and shot lists that you can just copy paste.
  • Film better footage
    Learn to use Basic Shots - Micro Stories - Angles - Creative Shots and a whole bunch more.
  • Basic Composition techniques
    Rule of Thirds - Breathing Room - Pan & Tilt
  • Stabilisation
    Camera Yoga means use your body, no need to buy expensive  Gimbals.
  • Basic Lighting for your videos
    Using Natural Light & LEDs
  • Camera & Sound Gear
    Smartphones, accessories, microphones, techniques wind noise and background sounds.
  • Increase Video engagement
    Learning tricks like Talk to Camera, informal Interviews and many other tips to up your video engagement.
  • How and where to save a video
    Choosing the best format and setting to save and share your video.
  • Exporting your video
    Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram and many many more.......

One of the best parts is that every technique is taught with everyday language and analogies!
Even though Effortless Editing with Your Smartphone gives you an advanced skill set, it shares (and demonstrates) every technique without a bunch of technical jargon.

Even if you struggled in school… or aren’t the greatest at grasping new skills… you’re going to be shocked by how easy it feels to absorb this information.

We know that new courses can be daunting, which is why:
  • The core lessons of the course are collectively only 90 minutes long.
    You can get up to speed with with your editing in an afternoon, but we will add endless amounts of content… the course never ends.
  • We offer a 20 minute 1 on 1 with me (Dean) to discuss your editing goals (and or problems).
  • There’s a comments section in each lesson if you have any questions.
  • You’re invited to join our private Facebook community where you can share your stunning new edits and get feedback from us.

Perhaps the best thing about learning how to get started with editing your videos like a pro is that you get to go back and add new life to hundreds of old videos.
Finally, giving them the justice they deserve.

Customers love ‘Effortless Editing with your Smartphone’, and here’s what a few of them have had to say about it:

Customer Testimonials:

Over the years we have taught 1000's of students to make videos. 

Coleen van Staden

Cape Town Tourism

2 years ago

I did the Travelvids Video intro course and really enjoyed the experience. 
Not having an I-phone worried me a bit and being of an older generation also concerned me but the two presenters did not presume any prior knowledge so started from scratch and gave us some really great tips - how to set up shot lists, how to shoot to limit editing and some good "go-to" sites to assist with editing and music. 
I can highly recommend this course for a great intro to creating fun and informative travel videos with your phone.

Truly exemplary course. Really appreciated the focus on creating travel videos. It's helpful to have a specific application or real-world example. I found I could easily carry over the lessons from a travel focus and see how I could apply them in other story types. The highlight lesson was the one which included templates, consisting of shots and scenes, for 3 different kind of travel situations. The other highlight was Dean's demonstration of editing a video in 10 minutes. Finally, he encouraged us to finish our video/s before the end of the day, otherwise we might never get around to it. So true!

Esther Beaton

Travel Student

a year ago

Jacqui Goodwin

MD Activ Africa

4 years ago

I signed up for the Travelvids workshop on impulse and attended without really knowing what to expect.
It was one of those experiences that completely under-promises and over-delivers. I was particularly impressed at how tight you kept the presentation, rarely wandering off the thread and always on point. Everything you covered was useful and relevant. The use of videos to illustrate each step was genius and helped to drive each point home. I left feeling that I had learned a lot of really useful skills that I could use immediately.

One of the best internet courses I have seen...It is amazingly succinct and yet incredibly is unbelievably well designed and the first 5 minutes of the course I had learned exactly what I was looking to learn in order to put together amazing travel videos...! The way the course is constructed is incredibly smart

Javier Valencia


1 year ago

Our primary focus when starting travelvids was creating travel and tourism videos for the hospitality industry.
We loved what we did and still enjoy creating tourism videos.
We learned quickly that one of the biggest barriers was always the cost of production.
Put simply, commercial video production can be extremely expensive.
So that's where the idea to offer a workshop was bourne
Our workshop was a raging success and we enjoyed teaching a full house.
So much so we that we found ourselves travelling around the country giving video courses to all sorts of industries, from exhibitions to insurances companies.
However, the financial cost to the individual was still too high.
So, 36 months ago we created our first online course and pitched it at a price anyone can afford.
Since then we have received positive feedback from people from all walks of life who have used our courses to master the art of video creation. 

  • Wedding Videos
  • Online Course Creation
  • Interviews Videos
  • Pod Cast Videos
  • Brand Marketing Videos
  • YouTube Vlogs
  • Product Awareness Videos
  • Hospitality Videos
  • Holiday Videos
  • Birthday Videos
  • Special Occasions Videos
  • Amazon Review Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Cooking Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • Instagram Videos
  • Facebook Videos
  • Hit & Yoga Videos
  • Interview Videos
  • Sales Lead Videos
  • How to Videos

Kirstein Combrink - Hambela

Travel Company

4 years ago

If you want to know the basics, this is exactly the course.
Types of shots to be included, what is required to make the video engaging and a few more other basics.
Also includes a simple template to start your own video. So if you want to make a video and don't know where to start, i would definitely recommend this course.

This was EXCELLENT!!!
You were on point, concise and followed a good order. One thing that I GREATLY appreciated were your notes that you supplied. That alone put you above other tutorials. You are an excellent instructor. I know as I have done a great deal during my career. I now follow you on YouTube and enjoy it greatly. Keep up the excellent work!

Robert Battaglia


5 months ago

Christina Granados


12 months ago

This course is AWESOME.
If you're looking for a content-rich video making course suitable for someone with zero experience - look no further. Honestly, this course is a masterclass in clear, concise, and engaging teaching. So well done! Thank you for this perfect introduction to making travel videos.

At first i was reluctant to get this course because i am experienced with editing and filming, and i wasn't sure if i'd get any more insight to improve my mobile filming objectives. After committing to it i can happily say I will be buying anything & everything Darren & Dean from puts out on Udemy. This course dramatically helped with personal videos i shoot & share with friends on Facebook. The essential tips were direct and to-the-point and lessons are presented in short & sweet segments. I am preparing for a trip and have returned to his course for inspiration and a quick refresher. Love all your examples and applaud this program. I have purchased a ton of courses over the last few years and this one is top-notch!!!



A year ago

Matt Lerman


3 years ago

teachers are great happy focused yet not forceful.
much better that I thought.

I very much appreciate and pleasantly surprised . I'm you guys are disclosing phenomenal beginner intermediate tips !! from what I already saw in short few mins of coarse I learned I'm actually on the right track and feeling more and more confident i will be able to actually tell my story with my personal imprint . cant wait to see what else you guys have in-store for us I, if its this good already!!!! muy bien , gracias mis amigos

Thank you for making content that is easy to understand, entertaining, and very helpful. I look forward to using everything I learned.

Ryan A Cooper


3 years ago

If you think editing video on an Smartphone Can’t Do Everything a computer can… You’d be right, but you can do 100% of everything you will ever need to make a cool video.

When I started editing on an iPhone,  it wasn’t nearly as powerful as it is today. Only 12 months ago you couldn't do half of the things apps can do today.

But in the year since then, it’s grown into a tool I (and many journalists even) can happily do all our editing in.

It seems a bit complicated when you’re just starting out, but when you understand what everything does, it becomes very intuitive.

Even learning something as simple as the difference between landscape, portrait, frame size, will change the way you process your video forever.

iPhone and Android apps can edit much much better video than you realise. And “Effortless Editing with Your Smartphone” shows you how.

We make sure that this course is always up to date. As the apps add more and more features, we’ll be making new videos to keep you in the know.

So here is the real value:

We want to give that feeling that you're not making a mistake by taking this course, so here is the added value you won't get anywhere else.

Now that you know what you’re getting with Effortless Editing with Your Smartphone– I’m going to Triple the value.


In addition to the video course on Video Editing… you’re also getting our Effortless Filming with Your Smartphone Course.

We feel that this is an integral part of the process of completing your video and making your editing even easier in the future.


You’re also getting a 20 minute 1 on 1 chat with me, to answer your most burning questions about video editing before you start on your Smartphone editing journey.

I look forward to helping you unlock your video editing potential.

See you soon

Dean Paarman
Co-founder of 

The lessons are interesting, informative, creative and professional. Loved it!

Lucy Piette

Amazing course!! Cant wait to go out and make my vids! Thank you

Jenna Morris

Clear, easy to understand micro-lessons presented with examples and no wasted time.

Gwen Andersen

Good usable information. Helped in my thoughts about planning my editing and content capture.

Dan Varvar

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