The Fastest and Easiest Way 
for busy mums and dads to
Capture Birthday Memories.
using only your smartphone.
(No uploads Or Downloads required.)

Birthday's happen every year and that is something thats a good enough reason to learn a new skill like video editing.
Just imagine if you have a memory video or slideshow from every years of your child's birthdays.

And thats exactly what we teach you to do using the effortless editing video techniques.

Memories fade we all know that, but videos don't, one day you and your family will thank you for taking a few moments to make a watchable video capturing a video of a loved one.

The course has been updated in 2020, and the price above is the new course launch price and wont be repeated.

Follow Our Effortless Editing Techniques
and learn to capture Stunning Birthday Memories that will last a lifetime.

Join hundreds of mums and dads just like you.

No uploading photos and videos,
no downloading templates or unnecessary sign ups.

Just follow our step-by-step guide to get going.

Mastering video skills you can use anywhere at anytime, simply and easily using only your phone is a giftset that will bring you gratification and pleasure in 2020 and beyond! 

This course contains detailed video training that walks you step-by-step through how to shoot and edit using our effortless editing system to produce results you never imagined possible.

 Our Effortless Editing Course promises you...

1. Saved Time

Time is one of those things we never have enough of and we never get back.  With our process you won't waste any time learning things you don't need to know, resulting in more time to do what you want.

2. No Previous Skills Required

The editing process of creating a birthday video isn't complicated if you know what you're doing. It's actually really simple and doesn't require special editing or filming skills. Everything you need to know is contained in the course.

3. Easy Use of Technology and Equipment

You don't need expensive cameras, tripods, microphones, PCs, laptops or editing software; all you need is your smartphone. Don't let anyone tell you it's techncally difficult – it's not!

4. Timeless Memories

Memories are something you want to share with friends and family. Your smartphone has definitely made that easier than ever before, but our effortless editing techniques allow you to share your memories without scrolling and searching through your photo album. Just play a video of that special moment by hiting play.

5. Simple Storage and Sharing

Smartphones are phenomenal, we love them, but they are also a curse! They let you store and store masses of digital data, until one day you don't backup and/or loose your phone and in both cases you never see those pictures again because they have disappeared onto a HD, laptop or memory stick, or onto the cloud, never to be seen again. Creating a video slideshow in a matter of moments solves this problem and lets you safely delete all those excess pics and video, saving valuable space on your phone.

What our Students say about our Effortless Editing Techniques:

Coleen van Staden

Cape Town Tourism

2 years ago

I did the Travelvids Video intro course and really enjoyed the experience. 
Not having an I-phone worried me a bit and being of an older generation also concerned me but the two presenters did not presume any prior knowledge so started from scratch and gave us some really great tips - how to set up shot lists, how to shoot to limit editing and some good "go-to" sites to assist with editing and music. 
I can highly recommend this course for a great intro to creating fun and informative travel videos with your phone.

Esther Beaton

Travel Student

a year ago

Truly exemplary course. Really appreciated the focus on creating travel videos. It's helpful to have a specific application or real-world example. I found I could easily carry over the lessons from a travel focus and see how I could apply them in other story types. The highlight lesson was the one which included templates, consisting of shots and scenes, for 3 different kind of travel situations.
The other highlight was Dean's demonstration of editing a video in 10 minutes.
Finally, he encouraged us to finish our video/s before the end of the day, otherwise we might never get around to it. So true!

Jacqui Goodwin

MD Activ Africa

4 years ago

I signed up for the Travelvids workshop on impulse and attended without really knowing what to expect.
It was one of those experiences that completely under-promises and over-delivers. I was particularly impressed at how tight you kept the presentation, rarely wandering off the thread and always on point. Everything you covered was useful and relevant. The use of videos to illustrate each step was genius and helped to drive each point home. I left feeling that I had learned a lot of really useful skills that I could use immediately.

One of the best internet courses I have seen...It is amazingly succinct and yet incredibly is unbelievably well designed and the first 5 minutes of the course I had learned exactly what I was looking to learn in order to put together amazing travel videos...! The way the course is constructed is incredibly smart

Javier Valencia


1 year ago

Kirstein Combrink - Hambela

Travel Company

4 years ago

If you want to know the basics, this is exactly the course.
Types of shots to be included, what is required to make the video engaging and a few more other basics.
Also includes a simple template to start your own video. So if you want to make a video and don't know where to start, i would definitely recommend this course.

This was EXCELLENT!!!
You were on point, concise and followed a good order. One thing that I GREATLY appreciated were your notes that you supplied. That alone put you above other tutorials. You are an excellent instructor. I know as I have done a great deal during my career. I now follow you on YouTube and enjoy it greatly. Keep up the excellent work!

Robert Battaglia


5 months ago

Christina Granados


12 months ago

This course is AWESOME.
If you're looking for a content-rich video making course suitable for someone with zero experience - look no further. Honestly, this course is a masterclass in clear, concise, and engaging teaching. So well done! Thank you for this perfect introduction to making travel videos.

At first i was reluctant to get this course because i am experienced with editing and filming, and i wasn't sure if i'd get any more insight to improve my mobile filming objectives. After committing to it i can happily say I will be buying anything & everything Darren & Dean from puts out on Udemy. This course dramatically helped with personal videos i shoot & share with friends on Facebook. The essential tips were direct and to-the-point and lessons are presented in short & sweet segments. I am preparing for a trip and have returned to his course for inspiration and a quick refresher. Love all your examples and applaud this program. I have purchased a ton of courses over the last few years and this one is top-notch!!!



A year ago

Matt Lerman


3 years ago

teachers are great happy focused yet not forceful.
much better that I thought.

I very much appreciate and pleasantly surprised . I'm you guys are disclosing phenomenal beginner intermediate tips !! from what I already saw in short few mins of coarse I learned I'm actually on the right track and feeling more and more confident i will be able to actually tell my story with my personal imprint . cant wait to see what else you guys have in-store for us I, if its this good already!!!! muy bien , gracias mis amigos

Thank you for making content that is easy to understand, entertaining, and very helpful. I look forward to using everything I learned.

Ryan A Cooper


3 years ago

Lets Recap

If we told you you could learn to make a video like the one you just watched in minutes and only pay a legitimate once-off fee to master that skill, would you consider it?

We want to introduce you to the Effortless Editing Way to Make a Video.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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If you sign up and you don’t feel like you got what we promised, simply email Dean at and we'll see that we get your problem sorted out on a 1-on-1 coaching session. If you're still not happy, we’ll gladly refund your entire investment.