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Below are a selection of videos created by Travelvids. We cover a variety of styles ranging from simple corporate talking-heads to interactive destination travel content.

Travelvids Production Rates






R 5000

full day

Filming original content. Includes videographer, camera & sound gear.


R 5000

full day

Editing, including title design & free music. One free set of changes after demo.


R 5000

15min flight

Usually one flight on our DJI Mavic is enough to get those extra cool shots.


from R 1500

annual license

For better and more original music tap into our music libraries. 


from R 5000

full day

Want to feature a different person? Have a look at the Travelvids Personalities.

Stock Footage

from R 500

Once Off

You can halve or even skip the filming fee by using our Stock Footage. 

When it comes to making a video, you first need understand what your goal is.

Are you Entertaining?
Are you Educating?  
Are you Selling?    
Are you Building Brand Awareness?

Travelvids will do more than just create a video, we will help you achieve your goals.
And we're going to use video content to do it.

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