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Rule of Thirds for Video

Using the Rule of Thirdsat the local fish & chips. Rule of Thirds & FishHout Bay Harbour has one of the best Fish and chips shops in all of Cape Town. We headed down for a quick bite to eat and tell you a little about Rule of thirds. What is the “Rule of Thirds”The […]

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GoPro – Turning Long Clips into Quick Edits

GoPro – Turning Long Clipsinto Quick Edits.Surfing video demo The best thing about the GoPro action cameras is that people, with no filming experience, can go out and buy one of these amazing little toys and get straight to action with it. This semi-indestructible little gizmo is extremely versatile and the perfect size to travel […]

Micro Stories. Telling stories within stories.

Micro Stories.Telling Stories within Stories. Morgans is a great little coffee and lunch hang out on Table View Beachfront. We often come here for brain storming sessions in an office outside of the office environment. The best part is having a front row Table Mountain seat. Today we came to Morgans to tell you a […]

iPhone – Video Killed the Photo-Star

iPhone video killed the photo-star Moving pictures have captured our imagination from the wonder of silent-films just over a 100 years ago to YouTube today. YouTube is now one of the most powerful platforms on the Internet. Video is changing the world fast, as people are being exposed to more and more information than ever. […]

Easy tricks to shooting video at night

Shooting video at night on a City Bike Run. Let me just start off by saying GoPro & Mobile Phone Cameras are notoriously bad in the dark. Im not trying to defend that some cameras are better than others in low light. No, there are superior cameras but they cost a whole bucket of cash […]

Engaging videos are like Information Rollercoasters

Engaging Travel Videos are like Information Rollercoasters.Barber shop demo People grossly underestimate the value of talking in videos. Too often we think stringing pretty shots together with great music will be enough to capture the undivided-attention of our viewers. Well the truth is unless you really (really really) good at capturing cinematic masterpieces, you will […]

Creating a 30th birthday video on an iPhone

Creating a 30th Birthday video with any Smart Phone iPhone or Android. We take pictures to preserve and share our memories, why not video?These days you don’t need a fancy camera to capture those moments, as some smartphones have more capabilities than an average priced camera. The great thing about using an iPhone to make videos […]

How to pack light when filming adventure activities

How to pack for filming adventure activities When you know you going to be out doing adventure activities all day, it’s so important to pack light. Naturally you want to capture a variety of shots and angles and this means you are going to carry more than one camera, various accessories & spare batteries.‘To pack […]