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Smartphone Video Editing 2 Full Demos

Editing App Wars: Splice or Powerdirector? Well the simple answer is it doest really matter. Here are two full demos of how to edit on these two apps to show you that if you know the process you can use any app. It’s like learning to drive.

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The most important lesson of the Pan & Tilt

The most important lesson when doing a PAN or TILT. While joining a tour to the Cape Peninsula I decided to film some course material. The huge panoramic views of the Cape made me realise that without a wide angle lens i was forced to do quite a few pan & tilt shots. Here is […]

Building a Travelvids Mini-Series | The Hermanus Roadtrip

Building a Travel Video Mini-Series”The Hermanus Roadtrip” This short video is a trailer to a 5 part Travel Video series about an adventure in a little sea side village called Hermanus which is famous for whale watching. There was just so much to see and do that only showing a short video like this didnt […]

The Most Undervalued Shot – People’s Reactions

The Most Undervalued ShotPeople’s Reaction This is your typical tour experience. Well we don’t mean seeing Penguins in Africa on the beach, thats pretty incredible! But the experience itself is the usual run down… park, walk to entrance, pay for tickets, go inside and look at what you came to see. When people film their […]

Talking Camera Stability over Wine Tasting

Talking Camera Stabilityover a glass of wine. While on a tour to Cape Point Vineyards Dean decided to capture a few clips for the guests to remember their vacation. We are all about using the gear you got on you. Sure you can go out and buy a gimbal camera but lets be realistic. You […]

Behind the scenes – What’s on Long Street

Behind the scenes:What’s on Long Street Dean put on his tour guide hat for a day and visited Long Street in Cape Town. His journey takes him from the bottom to the top and down again. There are close to 60 shops and people in this video, but you only see Dean 3 or 4 […]

Hiking video tips from Paarl Rock Hike

Hiking video tips from thePaarl Rock Hike Video. Travelvids was invited to join a group of hikers to explore Paarl Rock and the surrounding regions. On this day it was pouring with rain but that didn’t stop us from having fun. We want to share some tips with you regarding making hiking videos. Change the […]

How we made the Kalk Bay video

How we made the Kalk Bay Travel Video. Coleen van Staden joined us to document the shopping opportunities in Kalk Bay. What a spree… ranging from trinkets, fish & food to furniture, collectibles & art.So why did we make this video?The reason for making this video shouldn’t be completely obvious. What you might not know is […]

Indoor Lighting Tip – Use the windows

Lighting Trick used in the”Best Pancakes” video  Why did we visit Loaves on Long? (Besides the awesome pancakes)Loaves on Long is a beautiful little artisan eatery on Long Street in Cape Town. It’s the perfect place for meetings if you looking to have coffee and great food to go along with it. We came here […]