How to Create Vacation Videos People Will Want To Watch. 


Create Vacation Videos!

Vacation Videos are the most captivating way to save your memories. Share them by making videos that other people will want to watch.

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The Fastest Way to Create Vacation Videos!

Many people are intimidated by the idea of creating vacation or holiday videos... and maybe you feel the same way? 
Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming? 
By learning simple techniques for creating awesome vacation videos, you will be able to enjoy making memory videos while still
living in the moment. 

What You'll Discover in this 12-Part Course:

  • Live In The Moment
    The style we teach, makes sure you dont spend the whole time behind the lense.
  • The Best Video Tools
    Learn how to create 100% professional looking vacation videos, using free tools.
  • The Forgotten Key of 1, 2, 4                         
    Learn about the one aspect of video that is extremely important, but simple and easy to do.
  • The Recipe
    Copy our exact recipe for creating awesome vacation videos of your holiday.
  • Why We are Different
    This is possibly the easiest courses you will ever take.
  • Equipment - Basic Gear
    you will learn to create great vacation videos using only your iPhone & What you should pack.
  • 12 Modules
    12 easy to follow modules.
  • Time
    Everything you need to know to create a great looking video in a 90 minute course.
  • Short Clips
    Rhythm Cutting  & Finding the Moment
  • Shots
    Basic Shots - Micro Stories - Angles - Creative Shots.
  • Composition
    Rule of Thirds - Breathing Room - Pan & Tilt
  • Stabilisation
    Camera Yoga & Gimbals
  • Lighting on a Budget
    Using Natural Light & LEDs
  • Sound
    Microphones, techniques wind noise and background sounds.
  • People
    Talk to Camera informal Interviews.
  • Shoot Prep and Storytelling.
    Story to shot-list.
  • 1 - 7 of Editing
    Stick to the plan & organise, using the Free App Splice

What Others Are Saying:

Jeremeo Le Cordeur Production

I highly recommend What Dean and Darren are offering new videography-hopefuls is amazing and gives our industry the much-needed nudge that it needs! Through their assistance, I've gained useful skills that I've applied to creating short videos that are used to promote my beautiful hometown, Wellington as a small town with loads of tourism potential. Excellent work!

Stephanie Branick Student

Im on a gap year in Cape Town and bought a basic DSLR Camera & a Gopro, I quickly realised i wanted to make short movies to send to my mum and friends about my trip rather than just take pictures, after doing the course i could shot edit & create videos, brilliant course, thx guys.

Launa D Creator

“I did a Saturday morning bootcamp with Dean in Cape Town city centre, i already had some video experience, but just was'nt confident with the quality of the work i created. Dean was great and i was uploading short videos to Youtube a few days later.”

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