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This 90min course is ideal for people who want to learn to capture their experiences and turn them into short engaging videos. All you need is a smartphone.

iPhone & Android friendly. Access to course for life.

This affordable course is made up of short video lessons that you can go through at your own pace.  

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This FREE Ebook gives you all you need to know, to start creating your own Travelvids with a mobile device.

20 must-know Travel tips for iPhone & Android users.

You'll never make a boring video again.

Do you have an Android phone?

Most people are scared to death of the Video editing process. To show you that editing isn't as difficult as you may think we have created this short 20 minute tutorial which teaches you everything you need to know about editing a video on a mobile phone like the Samsung.

FREE Editing Tutorial For Android Users

Climbing Lions Head.
Video shot on a Samsung S8

About the Creators

You know when someone says 'I love what I do'... well we do.

We chose to specialise in Travel Video Creation based on the idea that Travelling holds the best experiences of our lives. Learning to document them, but while living in the moment, not through your lens, is the ultimate GOAL. We will teach you how. 
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